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The creative process

Is the same when she writes music and lyrics as when she paints. It is an expression from her soul – from the deepest place in her.

The melodies come to her from a sacred place and melt together with the energy of the earth which are then expressed in music and lyrics and songs.

Her watercolors, painted using the wet- on -wet technique often tell stories of their own. Angels, butterflies, and details of flowers often appear in this fantasy world of color, where the viewer can use their own imagination. They are16 by 12 inches ( 406 mm by 305 mm ). A painting can be especially ordered , and the price is Dkr. 1,500 per painting or approx. 200 euros.

The inspiration for both her music and art comes from nature, or an impression or an event, and always from a source of love that she believes in.

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