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A World Citizen and Multi Artist

Born in England, Inga Caroline Thommessen has lived in the US, Brazil, Japan, Finland, Ireland, Norway and at last, Denmark where she now lives. At the age of 16 she went to school with Mary Chapin Carpenter in Tokyo and remembers writing her first songs then.

She received the foreigners´ music award at the 1st Tokyo Music festival that year. Her first album, "Stay for a While", came out in Helsinki when she was 19 years old. Among other Finnish acclaimed musicians, Pekka Pohjola played on this album.

She has sung solo all over the world, supporting many issues, and since coming to Denmark has played in a duo with the Russian guitarist, Vladimir Triskin, in two world music bands, Chajka, and Mundo Musical. At this point in time, she sings and composes with a Gambian cora player, Basiru Suso. She plays the guitar and writes all her music and lyrics, also for other musicians.

Inga Thommessen has produced one album, two tapes and three CDs

Her music is suitable at festivals, concerts, folk clubs, folk high schools and private arrangements.

When it comes to other art forms, Inga Thommessen has exhibited photographs, water colors and silk paintings.

She is a language teacher, art therapist, and teaches English and Danish to foreigners.