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Journeys - Inga Thommessen & Lasse Mirsch Band CD 2009

Lyrics by Inga Thommessen Music arrangements by Lasse Mirsch
Recorded in Studio 303 Helsinki, Finland
Thommessen & Mirsch music production.

Download og lyt til: Out of the blue Order CD

Kouma - Basiru Suso & Inga Thommessen - Jan.2007

This CD was produced in Odense at Shalimar Records. Basiru accompanies Inga in a sensitive way. She also sings on his songs. Together they take you on a melodic journey.


The Journey - released as a CD in 2003

This CD was recorded by a friend on a computer. The Russian guitarist Vladimir Triskin and Inga have written all the songs.

Download and listen to the: The Voice - 3,72MB mp3

Niños del Mundo (Children of the World) - released as a CD in 1993

The band , Mundo Musical produced this CD , the proceeds of which were donated to homeless children in Brazil.

Download and listen to: My Pounding Heart - 3,72MB mp3 Rain Forest - 3,12 MB mp3

Core Connection - released as a cassette in 1991

This is a collection of her songs.

Download and listen to: Venus - 5,64 MB mp3

I Belong - released as a cassette in 1988

Niels Vølund produced this one.

Download and listen to: Little White Sails - 2,20MB mp3

Karibu - Songs From Tanzania - released as an LP in 1976

Inga helped Longfellow from Tanzania with this album in Finland. She has always loved singing in different languages.

Download and listen to: Moyo Wa Malaika - 2,55 MB mp3

Stay for A While - released by Love Records as LP in 1976

When Inga was 19 years old, her first album came out in Finland with pianist Lasse Mirsch.

Download and listen to: Understand The Past - 2,86 MB mp3