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Soft velvet

Clear deep water…

A voice that goes straight to your heart.

With intensity and sincerity Inga Caroline Thommessen  combines her poetry in English with her music, leaving the audience and listener touched by something authentic.

Her nomadic life as the child of a diplomat, has left her a world citizen and has given her courage and inspiration to express a longing through her voice. A longing to feel accepted, to feel understood in a foreign country, a longing for love.

She accompanies herself on the guitar, and performs solo and in a duo with the Gambian cora player, Basiru Suso.

A new international duo based in Odense.

Two worlds meet, when experienced musicians like Basiru Suso og Inga Thommessen sing and play their own compositions together.

Basiru Suso from Gambia, plays the cora, a 21–stringed instrument which sounds like a harp. Basiru has performed with numerous musicians in Denmark and abroad.

Inga Thommessen is a singer song writer. Musically her style is folksy world music.

Basiru accompanies Inga in a sensitive melodic way, and she sings on his songs. Together they create a meditative atmosphere with an exciting expression. www.basiru-inga.com